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The Mindy Project S04E18 [hdtv]

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Season 04, Episode 18 – “Mindy Lahiri Is DTF”
Mindy is Indian, but not Indian enough — at least not to Neel, the guy she goes on a blind date with. He’s dismayed by her admission that she doesn’t know any Indian people or what part of the country her parents are from. “I want to say there’s like a river there? And some tigers? Don’t quote me on that,” she explains. To be fair, India is a big country. The date seems to be going well otherwise, judging by Mindy’s later attempt to kiss him. That attempt fails because he’s not interested. He wants to be with an Indian woman who embraces her heritage, and Mindy is not that woman. Then he takes it a step further, calling her a coconut: brown on the outside and white on the inside. Rude.

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