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Pawn Stars S12E27 No Pawn for You REAL

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Season 12, Episode 27 – “No Pawn for You”
Please rise for the Pawn Stars when a chair belonging to Abraham Lincoln takes a seat in the shop. Will Rick act like Honest Abe and make an offer or will he abolish the deal? Then, barrels fly when Corey and Chum check out a vintage Nintendo Donkey Kong arcade game. Will they think its bananas and make a sale or will it be a Ninten-don’t? Next, a signed Seinfeld script is brought into the shop and “yada, yada yada.” Will Rick be the master of his domain and snag the deal or will he hear, “no sale for you”? And later, things heat up when a brigade of antique firefighting buckets extinguish the shop. Will Rick draft an offer or will he get hosed?

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