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Pawn Stars S09E54-E55 REAL

( High Quality )

Season 09, Episode 54 – “Priciest Pawns”

Revisit some of the priciest items the Pawn Stars have ever seen: a mint condition 1967 Ford Shelby G.T. 350, a Hotchkiss revolving Cannon from the 1800’s, an extremely rare WWII German Enigma coding Machine, an $85,000 Gibson guitar once owned by Stephen Stills and a 1942 “Texan” Fighter Plane that has Rick and Corey flying high to make a deal.





Season 09, Episode 55 – “Monumental Pawn”

Hit the road with the Pawn Stars when Rick goes to check out a 1966 Chevy II. Will Rick be able to get the deal started on this classic car or will he be forced to make a U-turn? Then, Rick has to make a monumental decision when a program from the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty is brought in. Will the item start a revolution or will there be liberty and justice for all? And later, Corey tries to convince Rick to buy him a company car. Will he be able to steer Rick into the car of his dreams or will Rick hit the brakes on Corey’s plans?





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