Matt Cutt’s Blogging Review

Google Spam Division Head Matt Cutts Blog Matt Cutts for those that don’t know is the head of Google’s spam division, or was.  He is currently on leave from Google and a replacement has not been named.  The rumor currently is he will not be returning to this position with Google, but when he goes back to work will take on more of a position as a spokesperson for Google.  This seems more then appropriate for him because since he took up blogging around 2005 he has been viewed by many as the unofficial insider view of Google on the subject of web spam, SEO and Google. Why Review Matt Cutts As…
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Google Sheriff

Search Engines And 20 Years Of Spamming History

Has Search Engine Spamdexing Gone Away Or Simply Evolved? For those that were actually there dealing with the earliest primitive search engines, 1995 to around 2002, you may know most or all of what I am going to write.  For those that just hate history or don’t think it applies to the present there will be little point to this piece for you.  But for those that really want to know and weren’t there, the history of search engine spamming, how it originated and why might just be worth the read.  The reason for this is because it originally was not spam, but a necessity brought about by the rise of search engines…
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The Header Image For Bloghitter Facebook Page

Optimizing A Facebook Social Media Page

Are Facebook Pages For Websites And Blogs Important?  Tips On How A Facebook Page Can Be Effectively Optimized. Everyone already knows that social media is big and continuing to grow and evolve.  Facebook is simply huge and stating it has over 1 billion users worldwide.  Almost ever website or blog has a connecting Facebook page to it.  My questions are simply this.  What is the real worth of these pages?   While I am on this subject, can you optimize a Facebook page so it works better?  On the first question of worth, I would offhand say how important that Facebook page really is just seriously depends.  The second question of whether or not Facebook pages can…
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114 Blogging Directories You Can Submit Your Blog To For Free

List Your Blog With 114 Directories For Building Referring Domains And Back Links   A Little History On Directories First As To What They Were And What Most Directories Are Now So You Know What You’re Getting. There was a time not long ago that listing a website or blog in directories was a great way to build up a base of domain referrals and back linking profiles.  If you go back even further in time a very good listing in a top directory could produce hundreds of targeted users to your website.  Long before there was anything resembling a major search engine, one of the primary ways of even getting website traffic…
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Sorry Comments Are Closed

Are Comment Sections and Commentary Good For Blogs?

The Comment Section Controversy.  Is Reader Commentary And Opinions Worthwhile? One of the more controversial issues when it comes to blogging is how worthwhile are comment sections and the readers ability to leave commentary and opinions on a bloggers post.  How much is that opinion section worth versus the hassle of managing it?  And if you have one, which type should it be?  Some bloggers and even major media have eliminated the ability to comment about an article or bloggers post at all.  For those eliminating them the obvious consensus must be that it is either bad or simply not worth it. For many others it seems like quite often they are treating their comment sections more like a compliment section for…
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